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    The research vessel "New Ocean Researcher 3 (R/V NOR3)”, a member of the national fleet of research vessels, was transferred from the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) to National Sun Yat-sen University for management and operation in November, 2019. Based at the Kaohsiung Port, R/V NOR3 has a survey area in the northern South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, and the marginal seas of the western Pacific Ocean.

    R/V NOR3 is equipped with electric propulsion and twin rudders control. She features precise positioning, bathymetric survey, hydrological profiling, and seawater sampling systems. Additionally, she is equipped with advanced synchronous acoustic equipment for ocean current profiling, seabed morphology, and sediment structure analysis. Being a modern multi-functional oceanographic research vessel, her tasks entail the execution of marine research expeditions, support of national territory surveys, exploration of marine resources, development of oceanographic instruments, nurturing of marine science and technology talents, and the promotion of marine science education.